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Dance's duet with the camera : motion pictures

[London] : Palgrave Macmillan imprint published by Springer Nature, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill]

Mandela's dancers : oral histories of program participants and organizers

by King-Dorset, Rodreguez author.
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
[S Underhill]

Mark Morris : musician, choreographer

by Jordan, Stephanie, author
Alton : Dance, 2015
[B Canaday]

Writing about dance

by Oliver, Wendy
Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2010
[S Underhill Reserve,B Canaday]


An alphabetical index to Hector Berlioz Werke, hrsg. von Charles Malherbe und Felix Weingartner, Leipzig und Wien, Breitkopf und Hrtel, 1900-1907. Edited by the Bibliography Committee of the New York Chapter, MLA

by Music Library Association
New York [1964]
[S Underhill]

Ancient Greek writers on their musical past : studies in Greek musical historiography

by Barker, Andrew, 1943- author
Pisa : Fabrizio Serra editore, [2014]";"2014

Bagatelles, piano, WoO 59, A minor

by Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827, composer
Mnchen : G. Henle Verlag, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores,Haverford]

Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Faur : pour violon et piano

by Ravel, Maurice, 1875-1937
Paris : Durand Bryn Mawr [Penn.] : Theodore Presser [distributor], [1994?], 1922
[S Underhill Scores]

Children's souvenir song book

London New York : Novello, Ewer & Co., 1893

Classical & contemporary Chinese music

by Han, Mei, performer
West Sussex, Great Britain ARC Music, 2016
[S Underhill Recordings]

Concertinos, trombone, orchestra, op. 4, E major arranged

by David, Ferdinand, 1810-1873
New York : Carl Fischer, 1944
[S Underhill Scores]

Concertos, cello, orchestra, no. 1, op. 107, E arranged

by Shostakovich, Dmitri Dmitrievich, 1906-1975
Hamburg : H. Sikorski New York : G. Schirmer, [1991], 1960
[S Underhill Scores]

Concertos, oboe, string orchestra arranged

by Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958
London : Oxford University Press, 1947
[H Union,S Underhill Scores]

Creating Der Rosenkavalier : from chevalier to cavalier

by Reynolds, Mike, author
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : The Boydell Press, 2016";"2016
[H Magill]

Die altslavische Volks- und Kirchenmusik

by Panff, Peter, 1899-1953
Wildpark-Potsdam, Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Athenaion m.b.H. [1930]
[H Magill,S Underhill]

Experimentations : John Cage in music, art, and architecture

by Joseph, Branden Wayne author.
New York London : Bloomsbury Academic, 2016.";"2016
[S Underhill]

Giacomo Puccini and his world

Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill]

Harmony in Beethoven

by Damschroder, David, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
[H Magill,S Underhill]

Homeward bound : the life of Paul Simon

by Carlin, Peter Ames, author
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2016
[S McCabe Rec]

Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas oratorio : music, theology, culture

by Rathey, Markus author.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
[S Underhill]

La Fille aux cheveux de lin

by Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918, composer
Mnchen : G. Henle Verlag, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores]

Life and death on the New York dance floor, 1980-1983

by Lawrence, Tim, 1967-
Durham : Duke University Press, 2016
[S Underhill]

Mathemusical conversations : mathematics and computation in music performance and composition

Singapore : World Scientific London : Imperial College Press, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill]


by Bartk, Bla, 1881-1945, composer
Wien : Wiener Urtext Edition, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores,Haverford]

Music and the broadcast experience : performance, production, and audiences

New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]";"2016.
[S Underhill]

Music for sight singing

by Ottman, Robert W
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson, 2014
[S Underhill Reserve]

Music for silent film : a guide to North American resources

by Leonard, Kendra Preston, author
Middleton, Wisconsin : co-published by MLA Music Library Association and A-R Editions, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill]

Music in time : phenomenology, perception, performance

Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. : Harvard University Department of Music, 2016.";"Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. : Distributed by Harvard University Press.";"2016
[S Underhill]

Music in Vienna 1700, 1800, 1900

by Jones, David Wyn author.
Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 2016.
[H Magill]

Music, art and diplomacy : East-West cultural interactions and the Cold War

Farnham, Surrey, England Burlington, VT : Ashgate, [2016]";"2016
[H Magill]

Musical concerns : essays in philosophy of music

by Levinson, Jerrold
Oxford : Oxford Univiversity Press, 2015
[S Underhill]

Olivier Messiaen : texts, contexts, and intertexts (1937-1948)

by Burton, Richard D. E., 1946-2008 author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
[S Underhill]

Operas. Librettos. English & Italian

by Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901
Geneseo, N.Y. : Leyerle, 1994-1996
[S Underhill]

Operas. Librettos. Polyglot

by Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791
Geneseo, N.Y. : Leyerle, 1997-1998
[S Underhill]

Operas. Librettos. Selections. English & Italian

by Puccini, Giacomo, 1858-1924
Geneseo, N.Y. : Leyerle, 2002-2004
[S Underhill]


by Hanon, Charles Louis, 1820-1900
New York, NY : G. Schirmer Milwaukee, WI : Distributed by Hal Leonard, [199-], c1928
[H Union,S Underhill Scores]

Playing in the cathedral : music, race, and status in New Spain

by Ramos-Kittrell, Jess A. author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
[H Magill]

Quartets, violins (2), viola, cello, no. 1, op. 51, no. 1, C minor

by Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897
Mnchen : G. Henle, 2007
[S Underhill Scores]

Quintets, piano, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, op. 16, E major

by Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827
Mnchen : G. Henle Verlag, [1999], 1971
[S Underhill Scores]

Quintets, piano, strings, no. 1, op. 89, D minor

by Faur, Gabriel, 1845-1924
New York : G. Schirmer, 1935
[H Union,S Underhill Scores]

Rethinking Schubert

New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
[S Underhill]

Rhapsodies, clarinet, piano

by Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918 composer
Mnchen : G. Henle Verlag, [2004]";"2004
[S Underhill Scores]

Rhapsodies, saxophone, orchestra arranged

by Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918
Mnchen : G. Henle : Distributed by Hal Leonard, 2010
[S Underhill Scores]

Sextets, violins (2), violas (2), cellos (2), G. 458, D major

by Boccherini, Luigi, 1743-1805, composer
Bologna : Ut Orpheus, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores]

Sextets, violins (2), violas (2), cellos (2), G. 459, F major

by Boccherini, Luigi, 1743-1805, composer
Bologna : Ut Orpheus, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores]

Sonatas, cello, continuo

by Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741
Milano : Ricordi, [1988]
[S Underhill Scores]

Sonatas, cello, piano

by Debussy, Claude, 1862-1918
Mnchen : G. Henle, 1998
[S Underhill Scores]

Sonatas, cello, piano, op. 40

by Shostakovich, Dmitri Dmitrievich, 1906-1975
[Moskva] : Izdatelstvo DSCH, 1996
[S Underhill Scores]

Sonatas, violin, piano, no. 3, op. 45, C minor

by Grieg, Edvard, 1843-1907
Mnchen : G. Henle, [201-?], 2003
[S Underhill Scores]

Sounding the dance, moving the music : choreomusicology in maritime Southeast Asia

Abingdon, Oxon New York : Routledge, 2017
[S Underhill]

Stephen Sondheim and the reinvention of the American musical

by McLaughlin, Robert L., 1957- author.
Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, [2016]
[S Underhill]

Suite hbraque arranged

by Bloch, Ernest, 1880-1959
New York : G. Schirmer Milwaukee, WI : Distributed by Hal Leonard, 1953
[S Underhill Scores]

Terminated for reasons of taste : other ways to hear essential and inessential music

by Eddy, Chuck author
Durham : Duke University Press, 2016";"c2016
[H Magill]

The graph music of Morton Feldman

by Cline, David author.
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016.";"2016
[H Magill]

The owl and the pussy-cat : voice and piano

by Stravinsky, Igor, 1882-1971
London : Boosey & Hawkes [Milwaukee, Wis.] : Distributed by H. Leonard, [200-?], 1967
[S Underhill Scores]

The state of music & other writings

by Thomson, Virgil, 1896-1989, author
New York, NY : The Library of America, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill]

Trendy fascism : White power music and the future of democracy

by Love, Nancy Sue, 1954- author
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2016]
[H Magill]

Trio, piano, clarinet, violin

by Khachaturian, Aram, 1903-1978
New York : International Music, [1998?], c1948
[H Union]

Trios, piano, oboe, bassoon

by Poulenc, Francis, 1899-1963, composer
Copenhagen : Edition Wilhelm Hansen, [2016]";"2016
[S Underhill Scores]

Vocal music. Selections

by Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750
Kassel New York : Brenreiter, 2007
[H Union Mini]

What happened, Miss Simone? [DVD]

Wandsworth, London : Eagle Vision, [2016]
[B Canaday Video (Floor A)]


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